David Parker, Southhampton, UK (father of Jack, diagnosed at 7)
To have a book which sets out to explain things so thoroughly in medical terms while at the same time understanding what we feel as people is invaluable. Your whole approach to the subject seems very empathetic and illuminating. To be honest I've learnt considerably more reading your book than from all the clinics and advice sessions that we've attended. In your book, underpinning the scholarship, there seems to be a quality of giving hope and encouragement by treating families as people and not merely patients.

Beverley Beresford, Coventry, UK
The title is slightly misleading. Do not assume if you are an ADULT with diabetes, this book isn't for you. It is!!! Yes, if you are a parent who has a child with diabetes, this book is the one for you, but if, like myself, you've got Type 1 diabetes, and are an adult, buy this book!
I developed Type 1 diabetes at the age of 17, in 1987. I managed to gethold of one of the first copies of this book, before it went on sale, through a medical rep, after hearing about it from Diabetes UK. That was in 1998.
I cannot believe that someone can write such an indepth, factual, easy to understand, and superb book without having diabetes themselves, but this professional, Ragnar, has.
I know nothing of the author, but all I can say is a HUGE Thank you to him! For anyone out there with diabetes, whether it be newly diagnosed or not, whether its you yourself that has the condition or a child of yours, go out and buy this! You will never need another diabetes book again; this contains every answer to every question you'll ever ask about the condition!
You don't need to read it cover to cover; I have always used it as a reference book whenever I've come across something with my diabetes that I don't quite understand or want to know more about.
Absolute must for ALL diabetics! Superb!!!!!

Angela R. McConnell, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
I feel every child and family should get a copy of your truthful and insightful book. We are often not informed about the causes, research and treatment of our children's diabetes at the depth you go into in your book. Your chapter on the pump is great. (Her son, 9 years of age was diagnosed at 7 years of age and is now on the insulin pump as of Jan. 1999).

Emily Adamski, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, 16 years old
It is an excellent book. It is packed with very informative articles on things people with diabetes face. Even though I've had diabetes for 15 years I still found it very interesting to read more of the reasoning for things, as well as great illustrations, graphs and statistics. I would highly recommend this book to anyone - newly diagnosed or a long-time diabetic.

Kenneth J Robertson, Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, Scotland
This is a unique book. It will appeal not only to the families of a child with diabetes but to all health professionals involved in their care. I learned more practical tips from this book than from any textbook. It is presented in an easy to read style with excellent illustrations throughout. If you look after a child with diabetes then you should have this book.

Stuart Brink, M.D. Director, Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes and Endocrinology, Newton Wellesey Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Tufts University, Waltham, MA, USA
Dr Hanas' diabetes instructional manual is well written, easy to read and understand. The book is filled with humor and common-sense advice which is practical, positive and upbeat! Dr Hanas includes the latest medical as well as psychosocial concepts gleaned from years of experience providing care to infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus aiming for the best glucose control possible. His approach provides information that allows parents and kids to take charge of their own diabetes care and slowly but surely become their own experts. Highly recommended :)

John Court, M.D. Senior Physician, Centre for Adolescent Health, Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
It is a splendid book - full of good information. The principles and details of management are in agreement with my own and others in my country. It would be a very good reference for health professionals. I would certainly buy a copy if it was available in Australia and recommend it to my intelligent patients as a regular guide and reference.

Marg McGill, Manager, Diabetes Educator, The Diabetes Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, Australia
The book is excellent and I think will have a wide appeal internationally. The book would be extremely useful to families and young adults who want comprehensive information and for nurses, general practitioners and other health professionals involved in the care of people with IDDM. Congratulations for an excellent and much needed book.

Cleve Butler, President, Dominican Diabetic Association
I must confess that as a diabetic for the past 35 years I have read numerous books and booklets on diabetes and its management, but never have I been alerted to the magnitude of proper management of the disease than in your book. All my unanswered concerns and questions have been answered.

Prof. Christos S. Bartsocas, Department of Pediatrics, National University of Athens, Greece
It is an impressive and extremely useful reference book on childhood diabetes. I guess that it contains everything needed for caring for the patient and his family and all needed to be known by any physician. You have done an excellent job and we look forward for its establishment as "the textbook" for diabetes in children and adolescents.

Sue Leuner, Editor, Diabetes Focus, Official Publication of the South African Diabetes Association
I have found it most informative and, what particularly interests me, it is written in a way that is easy for us lay people to understand. I congratulate you on this superb addition to our library on diabetes. In my opinion it stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Kenneth Andersson-Emmoth, Sweden, Father of Evelina, 10 years
The book is well written and easy to understand. We read small pieces from time to time. Evelina herself can even look in the book and pick up certain things.

Peter Swift, Consultant Paediatrician, The Childrens Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, UK
The more I read of it, the more I think it is a remarkable resource reference for professionals and parents.