First picture: The Insuflon indwelling catheter consists of a plastic tube with a silicone membrane and a Teflon catheter that is placed subcutaneously with the help of a thin metal needle that is then removed (similar to a pump needle). Both pen injectors and syringes can be used for injections.

Second picture: Donika, 3 years, sits in her mother's lap when she gets her injections. If she is hungrier than anticipated, she will just get an extra injection in Insuflon after the meal without any extra pain.

This information and more about Insuflon from the Children With Diabetes website.

Insuflon is an indwelling catheter that lessens the pain. You inject through a silicone membrane instead of sticking your skin. This device was first developed at the Department of Pediatrics, Uddevalla Hospital, Sweden.

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Article in Nursing98 by Joseph Knight

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Information on Insuflon from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

You will find more information on Insuflon from Unomedical here

Contact Lene Walther Johannesen at Unomedical in Denmark if you are interested in Insuflon or call the ConvaTec office in your region.

Where can I get Insuflon?

Unites States: Autocontrol Medical,

Canada: Intra Pump Infusion Systems

UK: Applied Medical Technology