Bokens framsida.

This book shows in a practical way what you need to know to be able to take good care of your diabetes. Having diabetes means that you need to know more about the disease than the average doctor, to be able to understand and take care of your illness in an appropriate way. This is necessary both to enjoy your life today, and to avoid and postpone late complications of diabetes.

Modern research shows unambiguously that a lower mean blood glucose will lessen the risk of late complications. By reading this book you will learn how this can be accomplished through an intensive diabetes management.

Sometimes in this book I speak directly to you, the person with diabetes, and sometimes I address your family or parents. At other times there is even information for third parties, like the diabetes team members. When you are reading this book, just imagine that we are all together, sitting around a table, discussing diabetes. Remember that you run your own life - donít let your diabetes take over! Instead you can learn how to handle your diabetes in the different situations that life has to offer.

This book is applicable to children, adolescents and adults having insulin-dependent diabetes. It is also meant for teaching persons involved in diabetes and diabetes care, such as nurses, doctors, dietitians, teachers, child care staff and others.

I have worked with children and adolescents with diabetes up to the age of 25 for more than 20 years now and I have learned a lot from them through the years. I have collected all my experience in this book and my aim has been to publish a book that is equally readable by persons/parents with diabetes and professionals. When we have the same source of knowledge we can easily share each others thoughts and ideas. I have found it essential that there is scientific evidence behind recommendations and guidelines. Therefore the book contains more than 800 references for further reading. I have adapted the text to address also the issues of young adults with type 1 diabetes. Ragnar Hanas

UK edition: ISBN 1859591531, 392 pages, published 2006.
US edition: ISBN 1569243964, 385 pages, published 2005.

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